New 2016 Honda HR-V gets 5 star ratings in NCAP tests

Honda, one of the leading global passenger car manufacturers, was always among the most popular carmakers in the world. The reason for that is not very hard to understand once you get to see the breathtaking designs and the features their cars come with. And further enhancing the impact are the efficient developers working day and night to make the vehicles work in the most up market way possible. Now other than very eminent workforce, top quality make, beauty and powerful engines, what is that one thing that makes or breaks a car? It is the safety factor that is attached with a car. And Honda cars are quite a hit among the Honda car fans, as they swear by the safety features their favourite brand name comes with. This is quite understandable, as Honda has won many a competitions where the winners are decided by the safety features they offer.


The latest safe player in the market in terms of safety is the new 2016 Honda HR-V which is highly awaited across the globe. The anticipation level is so high among the consumers that the dealerships have been getting the enormous enquiry calls about the arrival of the new compact crossover. But it can’t be made available before the final testing of the vehicle on all fronts.

In a recent crash testing the Honda HR-V got the coveted five star rating in many safety aspects. This is surely good news for the Honda enthusiasts. But, we would advise you to hold your horses because the results weren’t as perfect as you always expect them to be. When the Honda HR-V was tested for the collision in the front, it got four out of five stars. The test was held keeping in mind the male passengers on the driving seat with female passengers.

However, better news is that the upcoming new 2016 Honda HR-V got full ratings on the other tests. The NCAP testing is one of the most sought after car testing around and is famous for their accurate results.

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