New 2016 Honda Pilot received highest safety ratings

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) conducts the testing process for the safety aspects of the passenger cars before they are made available for the final selling in the market and thus, the new 2016 Honda Pilot had to go through its radar in order to be cleared and certified as a safe car for the consumers. Very recently, IIHS released the results for the safety test which took place sometime back for the said vehicle and as it was expected from a prominent name as Honda, it got cleared as a perfectly safe passenger vehicle.

2016 Honda Pilot

The 2016 Honda Pilot gets a completely new design when compared to the previous generation models. The new changes incurred by Honda certainly make it look like the most stylish and cool sports utility vehicle in the category.

As it is a known fact, that bigger the vehicle, more the chances of the road accidents and thus, they are typically laced with some high profile safety functions. And given the higher side of the price, it is quite understood as pricier the vehicle more advanced the safety features are going to be. The Honda Pilot is also packed to the brim with many advanced safety features.

Coming back to the Pilot’s safety tests, it was tested on all aspects – roof strength, front collision, back collision, sides, emergency braking among others and was finally given highest five star ratings for all the things. Though some features come as standard with the model, for the more advanced features to be seen in their vehicles, the buyers will have to spend a little bit more of their dough. And Honda promises that they will all be worth every extra penny the consumers are going to spend. And given the fact that they are in the list of top 5 car sellers in the world, people somehow don’t need any kind of assurance, as the company have proved themselves overtime.

With the increase in the passenger vehicles on road, the accidents are also growing at a very frequent pace. The many safety features inside the cars can’t prevent all the damage, but can save lives which is more important than anything else. And from these aspects, the new Honda Pilot emerges as a winner of a vehicle.

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