BMW X5 Road Test & Review

Sports Utility Vehicles are associated with power, brute force and capability to handle rough and unpredictable roads, but they are not associated with style. SUVs are usually massive and with their bulky, boxy and rugged looks they are least considered to be stylish and are often termed as boring looking. This very notion is turned into a myth by the BMW X5.

BMW X5 Review Front

Bavarian Motor Works knows how to impress people with its world class vehicles that offer outstanding styling, performance and handling. Thus, the German luxury vehicle mammoth has made the X5 look like a massive chiseled iceberg along with the elegance and dashing styling of a premium performance sedan.

The BMW X5 premium SUV is built to impress at first sight and is rightfully very popular among the buyers. The premium luxury SUV has already sold over 1.3 million units ever since its market launch and is a bestseller in its own segment.

The new BMW X5 is in its third generation and comes with a whole lot of updates in terms of styling, performance as well as fuel efficiency, making it a much better vehicle than its predecessors.

BMW X5 Review Headlights

Performance and handling have been the primary forte of BMW, and keeping with its maker’s name and fame, the BMW X5 has been created to offer excellent performance along with a driver centric cockpit. The X5 gets the essence that lies in all the X-series SUVs making them simply the best in the segment as rightly claimed by BMW.


The new BMW X5 has the dimensions of a typical luxury SUV meaning that it is massive in size, but it ditches the unnecessary flab making new X5 look vigorously stylish. The X5’s earlier version itself grew larger in size which is retained in the latest X5, and it is a longer and wider vehicle that what it was in its first generation, but the wheelbase measurement has been carried forward.

BMW X5 Review OVRM Left

When design is concerned, then it is a very impressive looking grand vehicle without any doubt and it looks stunning from all the angles. The new BMW X5 has got many new updated design features as well as added styling elements to charm the audience even better. The headlights of the SUV have become sharper and the patent kidney grille has been tweaked to look more aggressive. The circular fog lights position has been changed and they sit higher now; there a stylish front bumper and the new wider air dam has been finished in classy matte aluminum. The additional rugged appeal of the luxury SUV comes from the bash plate that is fixed on the lower section of the front bumper.

Our test vehicle flaunted the BMW Double-Spoke 19″ wheels which is normal in nature compared to futuristic stunning alloy design are part of BMW M Performance. Those Performance alloys look so sophisticated that they might not look suitable for the rough muddy tracks, but if you plan to drive your X5 only on the good urban roads and highways, then these brilliant looking allows are worth every single penny that you should spend to get them on your car.

BMW X5 Review Rear

The X5 features a long nose and a short overhang at the front making its side profile all the more aggressive looking. On the side, the SUV gets flared wheel arches with a bit smaller wheels compared to the muscular large wheel arches, the large glass area ensures a roomy airy feel to the cabin. The vehicle also comes with vertical slits on the side panel called air curtains, while the strong character lines throughout the length of the vehicle make it look mean and sleek.

The X5’s rear design is the most remarkable. The sculpted tail gate, the new L-shaped LED tail lights and the stylish bumper, make the rear profile simply look amazing that will make it difficult for people to look anywhere else.

BMW X5 Review Interiors

Interior & Features

Step inside the new BMW X5, and you will instantly know that it is a patent BMW vehicle with all the typical characteristics present in the cabin.

The new X5 gets a roomier feel in the cabin with its increased dimensions. It features a very classy layered wooden trimming on the dashboard, while its ambient lighting is simply superb and best enjoyed in the dark and is comes with many color options to choose from the iDrive operating system.

BMW X5 Review Speedometer

The new BMW X5 also comes with the top-notch interior materials to make it look and feel truly luxurious and premium class. There is fine leather upholstery with contrast stitching, extremely comfortable seating arrangement, electrically adjusted front seats, large windows and many utility based features for great convenience.

BMW X5 Review Boot Space

The comfort seats are not part of the standard equipment list and can be attained as an optional feature. The cabin is built to offer optimal convenience for the passengers while being driver centric. The third row seats come with easy access, a C-Pillar mounted grip plate and greatly cushioned rear seats for luxurious long journeys. However, the two seats right at the rear of the vehicle, are not really positioned well and tall passengers will feel the lack of space there, and this space could have been left only for cargo rather than stashing two extra passenger seats.

BMW X5 Review Display Screen

The X5 features a large 10.25 inch control display that is inclined towards the driver and double up as the iDrive control system display. The iDrive is now a part of all the new BMW cars and also graces the X5. The iDrive is the most user friendly infotainment system that is available in the market till date. Everything on the display can be accesses and controlled with a just a click and rotate function.

BMW X5 Review Harman Kardon audio system

Then there’s the amazing Harman Kardon audio system that offers flawless superior audio quality. The vehicle speaker layout also allows making for a perfect music distribution all over the cabin and changing the complete atmosphere. Apart from these superb features there are many other premium features in the long list including stylish sports leather steering wheel, automatically dimming exterior wing mirrors, 4-zone automatic climate control, Comfort Access, Soft Close Automatic function on the doors, panoramic sun roof, side skirts, etc.

BMW X5 Review Engine Twin Turbo

Engine & Performance

Under the hood, the new BMW X5 SUV is fitted with a refined and powerful 6 cylinder 3.0 liter BMW Twin Turbo charged diesel motor that is capable of delivering a peak power output of 258 hp and a top torque of 560 Nm at 1,500 – 3,000 rpm. The advanced diesel engine has been paired with a smooth and sophisticated ZF 8 speed Steptronic transmission gearbox making a superb combination.

BMW X5 Review Automatic

When vehicles in the stable of the Bavarian Motor Works are concerned, they are always on top in terms of performance as well as handling. This is no different in the case of the X5. The BMW X5 is actually a luxury SUV, but it drives like a high-end sedan. Though more massive in size than before, the new X5 is actually sleeker due to the flab slash which makes it very agile and handles sharp turns excellently. The superior powerful and smooth performance of this premium SUV is also aided by its intelligent body construction.

BMW X5 Review Steering Wheel

Though the BMW X5 is a huge SUV, it manages to reach the 100 kmph speed mark from standstill in just 6.9 seconds. The 6 cylinder engine feel very punchy and capable everywhere, while the 8 speed gearbox feels most precise that you can depend on. The most amazing fact about the BMW X5, is that despite its mammoth size it manages to be so agile and sprightly, and this alone can impress anyone.

Then again, both the engine and the transmission are very fast and smooth. While the engine delivers speed rapidly, the ZF gearbox shifts gear at the flick of an eye. The combination is really excellent and very convenient no matter where you drive.

BMW X5 Review Alloy Wheels

In fact everything in this massive, stylish and luxurious SUV seems to be perfect. Nevertheless, there is one thing which BMW did make really right, it also offers with a super stylish BMW Performance Alloy wheels, but our car came with the regular ones. Those wheels are unique and fantastic looking alloys that you can find in the market, but they are not meant for everyday drive. Those Performance Alloys are low profile wheels make the ride quite stiff and hard, which is the only downside on the vehicle with these wheels. These wheels should be given a miss, if you wish to enjoy your X5’s capabilities on the rough roads.

Not to mention the X5 offers top notch ride and handling that leaves everyone gaga over it.

BMW X5 Review Front Three Quarters


The new BMW X5 premium luxury SUV is a stunner in an all improved package. And it is a stunner by looks, luxuriousness, space, performance and handling. BMW has done an extremely smart job on revamping the SUV with subtle and good changes, while retaining the impressive overall design and individual characteristics. The vehicle’s cabin is now even more functional and convenient that puts it ahead of its market rivals. The new BMW X5 is simply a dashing luxurious SUV that makes a bold statement.

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