BMW 3 Series GT Road Test & Review

Luxury cars are braced with everything to impress the onlookers as well as the passengers. These vehicles have the objective of enthralling the audience with superior design, encompassing the occupants with utmost comfort, great space and plush feel, an unending list of features, powerful engines empowered with cutting edge technology, and a brand that the owners can get boastful about.

BMW 3 Series GT Front

However, even the biggest of the premium luxury auto mammoths have a tough time putting all the right ingredients in one amazing package along with a price range to win the hearts of a wide range of customers. Nevertheless, with constant endeavor there are some such outstanding premium luxury cars that offer exactly all that are expected from them. Global luxury car making giant, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) has glowing names in the luxury sedan segments namely the 3 Series, the 5 Series and the 7 Series. As the number sequence goes higher, the amount of luxurious features and capabilities increases. These luxury sedans get the characteristic BMW feel and superb handling, and thus it has a low profile with aerodynamic design. However, BMW felt that the cabin space should be increased for some real comfort and enhanced luxuriousness. Thus, the Gran Turismo aka GT came into the picture. After the 5 Series GT’s outstanding success, the BMW 3 Series GT came to charm the audience further.

BMW 3 Series GT

Styling & Changes

The BMW 3 Series GT is considerably bigger, but easily carries the 3 Series badge combining the large SUV like features and sedan styling with ease. The GT variant gets an expected changed side profile that is quite taller than the regular 3 series sedan variant. In fact, not only the side profile, but all the angles look pretty distinguished from the regular 3 series. 3 Series GT Customers is aimed at the customers who look for roomier interiors and luxury.

BMW 3 Series GT Kidney Grille

Like all separate variants, BMW has made the 3 Series GT a distinctive visual appeal. There’s the BMW roundel insignia a patent kidney radiator grill, powerful projector head lamps with superb Corona Rings, distinct headlight design, LED tail lights, and more. Though the GT is based on the 3 Series, it does not look like the parent car. All the styling elements of the 3 Series GT are changed in detail in order to match the sportier proportions of the saloon. The patent kidney grill has been stretched in the GT, there is completely redesigned front bumper, chrome bezels on the fog lights, extra dose of chrome on the side profile enhances the bling factor of the car. It is surely a heavenly car for all the chrome loving audience, and the superb chrome insert in the shape of number 7 is really attention grabbing. The blingy chrome surround is also there on the window glass area for that added superior premium looks. The BMW designers have taken great care to make this car look very proportionate, though the raised sides might not impress everyone, but it is the key distinct feature of a Gran Tourer that comes with sharp character line. However, all the added bulk of this luxury sedan shows at the rear side which is further highlight with the raised boot line. This along with gradual sloping green house makes the 3 Series GT look like a SUV or a coupe. It also comes with some superb detailing such as retro look multi spoke alloy wheels and frame less doors which are like the crowning glory of this truly magnificent looking sedan. The BMW 3 Series GT comes in 5 body color options namely – Imperial Blue Brilliant, Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Glacier Silver and Sparkling Brown.

BMW 3 Series GT Rear View

The superb exterior beauty continues on the inside in its glorious cabin. Finest quality materials and exquisite design amalgamates to create super plush and extremely luxurious interiors for the BMW 3 Series GT sedan. The best quality premium leather, wood, rubber and plastic materials deck the interiors of the car which are adorned with classy chrome accents to offer a jaw dropping visual appeal. However, some may find the BMW 3 Series GT’s cabin to monotonous as it is in every way patent to all BMW cars. Nevertheless, this car comes with such beautiful ambient lighting to offer unmistakably engaging and interesting experience that it might be extremely difficult getting out of this beautiful luxury sedan.

BMW 3 Series GT Engine View


While the BMW 3 Series GT is a very different car from its parent company, the only one thing which is absolutely identical with the regular sedan version is its powertrain. The car gets powered by a 1995 cc twin turbocharged diesel motor which can deliver 184 bhp of max power at 4000 rpm and a max torque of 380 Nm at 1750 – 2750 rpm. Owing to the same engine, the performance of the GT is also identical to its parent car, but it becomes slower by just half a second, as it is a heavier beefier car. The super refined and powerful 4 cylinder diesel engine is a full aluminum alloy machine and it gets 16 valves for better fuel combustion. The engine offers its peak power also at higher rev ranges owing to its lightweight and lower inertia assembly.

BMW 3 Series GT


Coming to the performance, the BMW 3 Series GT offers outstanding performance, but it varies depending on the mode you drive which varies from comfort, Eco Pro, and Sports. The Eco Pro drive mode is the greenest driving mode on this massive luxury sedan, but this comes with restricted power delivery. The car comes with Brake Energy Regeneration which stores the created energy while braking from being wasted, which is used to charge the battery. The car’s display also offers evidence by showing how many kilometers you have gained by choosing the Eco Pro drive mode, which is ideal for the city roads. The Sports mode lets you be on high spirits and race with the winds. In this mode the car is very fast through all the gears changes. However, as it offers the best of performance, great engaging drives and superb speed, it also gobbles up the fossil fuel even faster.

BMW 3 Series GT Dashboard

The 3 Series GT’s Sport mode has the capability of kicking out all the boredom from your body with a heavy rush adrenaline. In this mode you don’t need the music system, as the sweet exhaust noise of the Twin Turbo engine will make your ears happy. Now, the Comfort mode is left for long peaceful weekend gateways. If you are travelling long stretches of road with your family and utmost comfort is what you want, then turn on the comfort mode and the roads will be turned into silk tracks. The Comfort goes perfectly with this car’s concept which has a key purpose of providing utmost comfort. This Comfort mode is also the perfect balance between the green fuel saving Eco Pro and the adrenalin pumping Sport mode. This mode actually enhances the beauty of driving this car and enhances the luxurious cocoon of the interior even better and one just falls in love with this car in this Comfort mode and wants to live with it forever.

The BMW 3 Series GT is capable of delivering a good fuel efficiency of around 14 to 15 km per liter and with the Eco Pro, it can even deliver more than double on the Eco Pro mode.

BMW 3 Series GT Side View

Ride & Handling

BMW 3 Series GT offers the patent ride and handling of BMW. No one knows to tune outstanding ride and handling like the BMW engineers. In a car like the BMW 3 Series GT, you don’t look to be a passenger enjoying a superb comfortable ride, but get onto the driver’s seat.

BMW 3 Series GT Tail Light

This German auto giant has grown to its mammoth stature and evolved so much all depending on this sole feature, leaving everything else at the background. Thus, the BMW 3 Series GT offers the extraordinary ride and handling that one expects from any BMW car. However, having said that the 3 Series GT is built with the focus to be offering great comfort as well as space. The high expectations on the ride and handling on the BMW 3 Series GT will be little suppressed, when one checks the spec sheet the car’s weight seems to be massively heavier by a whopping 100 kg over its regular sedan version. This extra weight is basically put on the upper half of the luxury sedan which makes the center of gravity slightly higher. In the process centripetal forces will be playing high when you take the car across sharp turns. However, BMW being a star performer in its own class knows well how to counteract all the disadvantages and thus, it sedan’s engine is fitted to a highly sophisticated 8 speed Steptronic transmission gearbox to make for a butter smooth drive experience and forget everything else in the world.

BMW 3 Series GT Logo


The BMW 3 Series GT is the only car in its own class that excellently mixes utmost luxury and comfort with superior space. BMW does not believe in competing with the others when pricing is concerned, and its 3 Series GT is simply a superb unique luxury sedan that no other brand offers at present. Thus, if you have a big budget to buy even bigger and more luxurious cars including the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 or Mercedes E Class, do keep the BMW 3 Series GT on your preference list.

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