Oakley Jawbreaker Hands On Review

Oakley is a renowned name in the world of sports eyewear. Oakley since beginning has an obsession to push themselves and the industry to always make things better. Known as an innovator in eyewear technology, Oakley creates product that enhances performance whether being used by a professional or amateur.

Oakley Jawbreaker Front View

This year, Oakley has launched the new Jawbreaker sunglasses with most striking and ultra-modern styling that the company has offered so far. According to Oakley, the concept of the Jawbreaker has been inspired by the stunning capabilities of the professional cyclist, Mark Cavendish, and the sunglass is meant to offer uncompromised clarity with an extended field of view for the fully prepared cyclists, who leave nothing to chance. The company says that the Jawbreaker has been meticulously developed after two years hard work, after over 100 design iterations, 9600 hours long lab and field tests and 27 eyewear components. And these definitely show in the stunning and superbly functional sunglass.


The Jawbreaker comes with a superior sports design and is the perfect answer to the demands and requirements of the professional athletes. This new sunglass range comes braced with the Oakley heritage of 40 years of uncompromising distinction. In the Jawbreaker, Oakley has invested all the superior qualities that the company has earned over decades of hard work and research. The Jawbreaker is the highest form of innovation that the company has offered of late, and it offers everything great from stunning design, superior cooling airflow with surge ports, top-notch components, comfortable and secure fit, and cutting-edge technology for hassle-free lens changing and vision optimization in any sort of environment.

Oakley Jawbreaker Long View

The name Oakley Jawbreaker has originated from the gimbals mechanism that the sunglass features. The sunglass’s pivoting to separate from the bottom frame or the lower “jaw” from that of the upper frame when taking out the lenses has given it its unique name.

The new Oakley Jawbreaker is large and has a great aesthetic design, which can be termed as controversial as some may find it to be little over the top. These sunglasses look very much the accessory of the future with an exceedingly stylish appeal while offering a superior retro feel at the same time. The sunglass is offered in 6 different color choices.

Oakley Jawbreaker Side View



There is one key problem that is involved when wearing eyewear along with cycling helmets; the temples of the sunglasses sometimes come in the way of the rear fastening or the adjustment mechanism of the helmets. Oakley has proficiently addressed this irritating problem by making the Jawbreaker’s arms lengths superbly adjustable. The temple of the Jawbreaker can be conveniently adjusted in three different lengths so as to efficiently accommodate and gel with the bike helmet and offer a most convenient and functional eyewear for the cyclists.

Switchlock Technology

The Jawbreaker comes with a very convenient Switchlock technology which allows easy lens changing in any condition.

Oakley Jawbreaker Air Flow View

Extended field of view

The Jawbreaker is designed to offer additional upward field of view along with high amount of optical precision by 44 percent compared against the average pair sunglasses.

Prizm technology

The Jawbreaker is empowered with a new lens technology that is called the Prizm Road, which finely adjusts the vision of the cyclists and enhances colors where the eye is most sensitive, so that the cyclists can spot even the small and subtle changes in the texture of the road surfaces. This enhances the ride experiences and safety of the riders.

Oakley Jawbreaker Ventilation View


The Jawbreaker is developed with integrated surge ports, which allow improved air flow in the sunglasses and helps to reduce fogging. This keeps the lenses crystal clear in all conditions and offer superior visibility for the riders.


The Jawbreaker comes with armor inspired rigid frame design and structure along with single shield lens that are highly impact resistant. This does not only improves the durability and longevity of the sunglasses, but also offers additional protection to the eyes of the cyclists.

Oakley Jawbreaker Temple View

Other important features and technological conveniences:

The sunglass comes with Oakley’s superior HDPolarized lenses which are able to filter out 99 percent of reflected glare without creating any additional haze or any type of optical distortion which are the usual problems that are experienced with highly UV filtering traditional polarized lenses in regular eyewear.

These sunglasses offer an extended field of view in the region of the upper peripheral in order to optimize vision for enhanced and safer cycling experience.

Oakley Jawbreaker Temple View

Jawbreaker comes with unique Unobtanium earsocks as well as nosepads which help to keep glasses firmly and comfortably in place. This increases the grip of the sunglasses even in perspiration, while offering great comfort as well.

The superb Switchlock technology, makes the process of changing lenses very fast, secure and hassle free even on the go.

Jawbreaker offers advanced optical clarity and superbly sharp vision from all the angles in all sorts of conditions.


Oakley has presented a very innovative and highly practical sunglass in the form of the Jawbreaker. The Jawbreaker is definitely not a safe play for the company, as it has dared to come up with the aesthetic as well as rather controversial design language for the new product. The Jawbreaker is also definitely not a conservative game and breaks through the traditional packages of professional cycling gear package. The Jawbreaker’s ultra-modern visual appeal along with a retro look comes as a refreshing offering for all who look for high-end, performance oriented sunglasses.

Oakley Jawbreaker Rear View

Aesthetics apart, the Jawbreaker comes braced with superior technologies that ensure the wearer’s safety while offering great convenience and ease. The Jawbreaker offers superior vision which is crystal clear, sharp and completely undistorted. This comes with the high protection from UV rays and glares. The sunglass also offers superb fit, functionality and comfort, making it a great choice for all sunglass lovers.

The Oakley Jawbreaker is definitely not cheap, but it feels worth of every penny of its asking price and even more. The high convenience, comfort, functionality and style make its price really insignificant.

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