Top 10 Cars In India Under Rs 5 Lakhs

The Indian automobile industry has grown tremendously over last few years which has allowed us to witness some of the finest and flagship models of international car makers. But it can’t be forgotten that the automobile segment under Rs 5 lakh mark remains active. For most of the car buyers of this category, price and features both plays a crucial role in picking up a car. So, here we are listing out the top 10 cars in India under Rs 5 lakhs that one can buy.

1. Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid Front First Drive

The Kwid is a tough little competitor in its segment

We didn’t begin with the Maruti Suzuki Alto here because Renault’s latest offering for its Indian customers is really going to give the Alto tough competition. The Renault Kwid is the best looking car in its segment and offers a large number of features compared to its rivals. It is also cheap than its competitors. The base model of the Kwid starts at Rs 2.57 lakhs and the top end model will cost you Rs 3.53 lakh (prices are ex showroom, Delhi). Under Rs 5 lakhs, Renault Kwid is a good deal and also a value for money product.

2. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is still being sold in decent numbers

Maruti Suzuki is known to produce compact and reliable cars. But now the competition is heated up in every segment. But still the Alto K10 would be a good car to choose. In fact, it is the only car in its segment to provide an AMT gearbox as optional, well, at least by the time Renault doesn’t launches the automatic variant of the Kwid. The Alto K10 is priced in the range of Rs 3.14 to Rs 3.95 lakh (prices are ex showroom, Delhi).

3. Datsun Go +

Datsun Go+ Side Curves 2

Datsun Go + provides a lot of space in its segment

After the Datsun Go, the company launched the Go + which falls in the price range of Rs 3.80 to Rs 4.61 lakh (ex showroom prices, Delhi). The point here is that in this price range you get a lot space thanks to the long wheelbase of the car. Datsun Go + has got three rows of seating but the last row isn’t comfortable and spacious for adults. So, if space and driveability is what you’re looking for then the Datsun Go + is a good choice.

4. Hyundai Eon

hyundai eon

Hyundai Eon is still a good package

The next in the list is the Hyundai Eon. This little car is here because of its looks, engine and features. Hyundai is known for making feature-rich cars. The Eon is no exception. It is loaded with features. While the looks aren’t everyone would like but it isn’t something which you would disapprove of. The Eon is priced in the range of Rs 3.02 to Rs 4.18 lakh (ex showroom prices, Delhi) and is still a decent package.

5. Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Tata Nano has undergone many revisions to be the perfect city car

The Tata Nano was launched among a huge fan fare but it didn’t manage to pull in many customers. Since its launch Tata Motors has done many revisions and launched new variants to make it more appealing and grow with time. The Nano falls in the price bracket of Rs 1.97 to Rs 2.52 lakhs (ex showroom prices, Delhi) and is an affordable package for someone who’s looking for a car for city commuting, especially for short distances. Tata Motors have done a good job with the car and it is still selling in decent numbers.

6. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Celerio has the AMT as its USP

The Celerio was able to attract a lot of attention while it was about to be launched because it was the only car in its segment to offer AMT. It shares its engine with the discontinued A Star, a 1.0 liter K-series engine which produces 67 BHP of max power. Even today the Celerio is a good car but more competition has arrived in the segment. Renault Kwid has crossed 50,000 bookings in just a month since its launch and the French automaker is also planning to bring in an automatic variant of the model pretty soon. Maruti Suzuki Celerio is priced in the range of Rs 3.9 to Rs 5.0 lakh (ex showroom prices, Delhi) well, at least by the time Renault doesn’t launches the automatic variant of the Kwid.

7. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 Delhi Launch Side view

Hyundai Grand i10 is among the best looking hatchbacks that we have today

There are other vehicles which fall under Rs 5 lakh mark. But we have got another one from Hyundai’s stable in our list is the Grand i10. Like the name, the car did a grand entry in the Indian automobile market. Like we said before, Hyundai likes its cars to be feature-rich. The Grand i10 will get you many features but at a price. The base model of the car is available at Rs 4.69 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi).

8. Tata Bolt

tata bolt

Tata Bolt was launched on 22 Jan 2015

Tata Bolt is company’s latest hatchback for the Indian market. It came into the highlight because of its new Revotron Engine. Its base model is price at Rs 4.45 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi) and with it you get the reliability of Tata Motors. The engine offers three driving modes which were first in its segment. However, we didn’t see many Bolts running on our roads.

9. Ford Figo 2015

2015 Ford Figo

The all new Ford Figo is well ahead of its predecessor

Ford completely changed the way everyone used to look at it. The new 2015 Ford Figo is one of the beautiful cars that we have in this segment. It carries the design from the Ford Aspire and you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two from the front. Overall, the new Figo is an eye catcher and its base model will set you back by Rs 4.30 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi).

10. Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2015

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is based on an all new platform developed by the company

Maruti Suzuki’s latest product is the Baleno and undoubtedly it is the best looking car Maruti has ever manufactured. It just carries over the name of the old Baleno and nothing else. The car is based on a new platform and Maruti says that its next generation of cars will be based on this platform only. Well, we will say that it is a job well done, Maruti. The base model of the Baleno is priced at Rs 4.99 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi).

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