Rok Bagoros Performs In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rok Bagoros, the KTM Stunt Rider, is famous for his mind blowing stunts and new tricks which he brings into them. He has a huge fan following around the world. So, it was time he addressed his fans of Sau Paulo, Brazil. Rok performed here and his experience was exhilarating. This trip was special for Rok as Brazil, the biggest South American country, is known among the hardcore fans as a cradle of stunt riding. Also, the legendary AC Farias is a famous godfather of stunt riding, who invented riding in circles and brought fresh tricks from BMX to motorcycling world. He was inspiration to many young riders include Rok Bagoros.

Rok Bagoros

Rok Bagoros touring in the streets of Sao Paulo

Rok said that when he came to know that he has to perform in Sau Paulo, he was very excited. He also prepared some new tricks because Salao Duas Rodas is the biggest motorcycle show in South America. He practiced his new trick with his trial bike but while performing the same thing with a street bike was a completely different story. He says that when he performed the first jump he felt butterflies in his stomach but when he completed that jump, he enjoyed it so much that he did it at least ten more times.

Rok also took a ride in the streets of Sao Paulo. He found the streets to be very amazing. He did some stunts on the streets too. He also got to fool around with some guys playing football. He was amazed by seeing the guys performing tricks with the football. You never know what people in the streets of Brazil can do with a football. Rok Bagoros also invited a group of local motorcyclists to hand around with him and he says that they were amazing. For those people motorcycling means passion!

It is always fun to watch motorcycle stunts being performed live. No matter how easy these stunts may appear there is a lot of hard work and determination behind them. It is a dangerous passion and it should be left for the professionals only. So, we hope that Rok Bagoros would soon come to India too and make his fans cheer for him!

Here’s the link to the video of Rok Bagoros in the streets of Brazil. This video was shot and edited by Head Lens media, a Slovenian team of young and creative filmmakers.

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