2016 Upcoming Super Bikes in India

The year 2015 gave the bike enthusiasts plethora of new products to fantasize about. There were many new launches in India which ranged from as low as 100cc and went up to 1000cc. Now, it is time to leave behind 2015 and start fantasizing about the new super bikes that Indian audience is going to see throughout 2016. Although, there are numerous super bikes that will be launched but we have short listed a few and made a list of 2016 upcoming super bikes in India to give you an idea of how exciting this year is going to be.

1. Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

Triumph street twin

The new model is a perfect combination of Retro and Modern looks

You must have read about this bike in some Internet journal or some auto magazine. Triumph will bring its new and updated Street Twin in  India pretty soon. The bike has been a legacy in itself and with the updated model Triumph has given an enhanced and professional combination of retro and modern looks. The new Street Twin has to be in our list of 2016 upcoming super bikes in India not only because it is a Triumph but also because it is a machine which most of us have desired at some point in our lives. Triumph has also worked upon the new 900 cc parallel twin engine to make the new Street Twin more easy and comfortable to ride. Also, there are added safety features to keep the rider safe.

Well, we don’t know about you but we’re very excited for the Street Twin to be launched in India. It is a must-have bike which increases the value of your garage. It is being expected that the new Street Twin will carry a price tag of around Rs 7 lakh and it could land at our shores during March-April 2016.

2. Yamaha MT-10

Yamaha MT-10

Yamaha’s latest naked monster, the MT-10, could be a bedroom poster for bikers

Yamaha showcased its latest products at the EICMA which was held recently. There we got to see for the first time the new MT-10. This bike looks menacing and it is going to be launched in India. Yamaha knows that the Indian market is very significant for it and just like the R1 and R1M, the new MT-10 will share a good amount of sales of the company. The new MT-10 is a proper naked monster based on the platform of the new R1. It runs on the same engine that of the R1’s but it has been tuned to suit the character of the motorcycle. The twin headlamp of the new MT-10 are the main striking feature which gives it a killer look. We’re sure it will become a bedroom poster for many bikers.

We are expecting Yamaha to launch the new MT-10 in India in late 2016. It will give a tough competition to its rivals like the BMW S1000R and likes. As far as the pricing is concerned, a tag of  above Rs 17 lakhs would be a fair deal.

3. 2016 Triumph Speed Triple

2016 Triumph Speed Triple

The new Speed Triple is expected to be more powerful than the outgoing model

The next one on our list of 2016 upcoming super bikes in India is the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple. This bike is already extremely popular among bikers. Now, Triumph has finally revised the new model with many upgrades. We expect the company to bring the new Speed Triple in India during the mid of 2016. The new model has been given a few touches here and there to give it a more modern look. Previously the Street Triple used to look aggressive and angry. Triumph has done a good job to make the new model have the same characteristics of the old one but with more matured and professional manner. It looks dangerous, no doubt, but it seems that it will attack only when you want it to. But of course, it is angry! Triumph would also make some changes in the 1050 cc engine to extract out a bit more power. Well, extra BHPs are always welcomed by lunatics like us! Also, there would be an R variant of the new Speed Triple which would be more powerful than the normal model and also would have carbon fibre elements to reduce weight. Expect the normal Speed Triple to be priced around Rs 12.5 lakhs.

4. Ducati Monster 1200R

Ducati Monster 1200R

The new Ducati Monster 1200R is going to be the most powerful Monster ever made

Now we have an Italian motorcycle to talk about. The Ducati Monster, every bike enthusiast knows this name, is being out in the market for many years. Ducati has now come up with the most powerful Monster ever manufactured. It is called the new Ducati Monster 1200R and it fits right into our list of 2016 upcoming super bikes in India. The new Monster 1200R is expected to be seen in India by mid 2016 and it should be priced around Rs 30 lakh. It is an expensive motorcycle but is it worth it or not will be decided later. The overall silhouette of the new Monster 1200R is similar to all the Monsters but Ducati has made slight changes in the looks to follow up with the modern design language and also with its rivals. There is going to be a new engine powering the new Monster and it is going to be a powerful one. Well, why shouldn’t it be. It has to go hand-in-hand with the name of its owner, right? The new Monster 1200R will be positioned above the current S Trim model of the Series.

5. 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

A lot had been expected from the 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Team Green showcased their new 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R at the EICMA show. The ZX-10R has been an all rounder amongst its rivals and has given sleepless nights to them. Now, this time Kawasaki has take a few inputs from WSBK team and implemented them in the 2016 ZX-10R. This, we’re hoping, would make the bike a better performer. In terms of looks and styling, the new ZX-10R gets new graphics and a very silent revised styling. To be honest, we like the ongoing model of the ZX-10R more. It is a perfect motorcycle. But we think Kawasaki had to change something to bring something new to the table. Anyways, we’re expecting the 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R to be launched in India somewhere around mid of 2016. It should fall in the price range of Rs 17 lakh and above.

6. KTM 1290 Adventure

KTM 1290 Super Adventure

KTM 1290 Super Adventure is a true wanderer and is targeted for a specific set of audience

Bike lovers are expecting KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, to bring in some hot rolls this year. KTM completely won hearts of millions bikers with its products since it entered the Indian market. KTM is thinking to bring in new upgraded model of its current product range in India. Along with them, KTM will also launch the 1290 Adventure in the domestic market. Everyone is familiar with the 1290 SuperDuke. KTM has borrowed the engine from it and fitted it into the 1290 Adventure. As the name suggests, it is a more tourer kind of motorcycle. It will suffice the needs and the desires of people who likes to go on long rides irrespective of the time or terrain. The KTM 1290 Adventure is made to be a multi talented motorcycle. It can be used for an adventure ride and it has got more than needed power to get you goosebumps in no time. In terms of looks, the 1290 Adventure isn’t the most attractive piece of machinery but it does what it is meant to do flawlessly. It is a true wanderer. KTM is targeting a large audience with the 1290 Adventure because the trend of motorcycle touring has grown rapidly in India. We are expecting KTM to launch this bike in the late 2016 with an estimated price of Rs 19 lakh.

7. Ducati XDiavel

Ducati XDiavel

We can expect the XDiavel to be launched in India by the end of 2016

It hasn’t been long enough since the Italians have entered the Indian market and they are already flourishing. With a large number of fans, Ducati is easily gaining momentum and climbing the top of the mountain. It has a good number of products available in India. Now it is planning to bring in a new one, the Ducati XDiavel, to launch for its Indian fans. As the name tells, ‘X’ would be something pretty exciting. The current Diavel is already a beast of the dark. It just gives a chill down our spines by thinking the Diavel to be more powerful an devilish. Ducati XDiavel would be an improved variant of the current model. There would be new electronic aids to keep the rider stay on the bike and not fall off. Also, Ducati would be working on a new VVT engine for the XDiavel.

Italians have a great taste of style. And it becomes very clear after witnessing a couple of motorcycles in showrooms of Ducati. Well, an addition to them wouldn’t hurt anyone, except the rivalling companies. Expect the Ducati XDiavel might to hit the showrooms by the end of 2016 with prices over Rs 16 lakh.

8. Triumph Thruxton

2016 Triumph Thruxton

2016 Triumph Thruxton comes with an ‘R’ model too

We have another machine in our list of 2016 upcoming super bikes in India from the House of Triumph. It is the new Triumph Thruxton. This is a dream bike for all those bikers who love cafe racers. It is a piece of art, chiselled beautifully into a machine on two wheels. The new Thruxton will have a magnanimous 1200 cc engine which is enough to shy away many high end bikes. Triumph made it clear that being a cafe racer doesn’t mean you have to be slower than others. The Thruxton looks absolutely delicious! It is a perfect blend of retro design and style with modern technologies and engineering. Triumph also has an ‘R’ model of the Thruxton which will feature more sophisticated electronics and mechanicals. We really love the Thruxton! Triumph could launch the new Thruxton around April 2016. It can also be possible that first the normal Thruxton would be launched and later the ‘R’ variant. The price tag of the base model is expected to be of Rs 11 lakh.

These are the few popular super bikes which are expected to be launched in India in 2016. There are many more. And we are looking forward for an amazing and fast 2016. Stay tuned for all the latest and different happenings in the automotive world!

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