Honda Connect App: A Perfect Mobile Platform For Day-To-Day Commuters

Honda invited Auto Journalists and Bloggers in Bangalore on a Saturday morning to experience the trusted Honda Cars and the delightful Honda Connect App. The event was started around 10.30 AM and was started by RJ Rashmi with a fun game. As soon as it was done, the CEO of Honda Cars India, Mr. Katsushi Inoue did a briefing about the company and the Honda Connect App with live demo including its salient features.

Honda Connect App Bangalore Event

Then, Mr. Jnaneswar Sen & Navneet Kaur did the briefing about the event, features of the App and the activities involved along with other officials of Honda Cars India and Bangalore Honda Dealerships owners who were part of the event.



Honda Connect App is very useful to the owners to know more than just to track the car including the fuel logs, service booking, near pump station, Honda dealerships and more. One of the most prominent feature about the App is to send the details to their family or friends about their exact location and if an accident or the app detects some faulty in the car, It automatically sends information to the Honda customer care and the owner get a call from 121 (Honda’s help centre) who describes about the problem and get more details and a speedy roadside assistance in case of an accident.

Honda team asked us to download the App in a day in advance to check the features and know about. It was fun to know and it will definitely ask you for the VIN Number if you want to use all features of the app. We will get down to the App details later in this article. Now comes the actual event, 3 members in a team assigned to all the cars and were given their first activity “Treasure Hunt” to reach a particular place using a link provided by the Honda Team which was Sankey Road Café Coffee Day and we reached first (Sanjeev, Rahul and I) and got the next clue including a voucher to full up the diesel from the nearest pump station which was right opposite but we had to go around to reach the Shell pump station. How we reached, we just zip passed the traffic and the car just did its job without any hassle. We had to earn points if we had to win the event but that didn’t stop up to check the power of the Honda Jazz which we drove.

Honda Connect App Bangalore Event

The next clue was to go to the Sankey Lake and we were the first to reach again, where I had to mention the band people where in full josh, and greeting us to enter the Sankey Lake. Here we have to take a good landscape picture and share them to the twitter page. Then we got the next clue to reach the dealership located near the International Airport, but we couldn’t find until we went there. The Car was handling perfect even the Jazz crossed 3 digit numbers and cruising conveniently.

Honda Connect App Bangalore Event

As soon as we reached the Honda Dealership, we reached there in 2nd spot and all of us entered the conference room for the briefing of the Honda App. As soon as the briefing was done, we had to go to the hotel for lunch and the journey ends there. It was a good connect with all fellow bloggers and the Honda Team. Now lets, talk about the Honda Connect App as I said earlier.

Honda Connect App Home Screen

Honda Connect App:

Making the most of advanced technologies, Honda, our favourite automobile manufacturer has paved a new way for enhancing on-the-road vehicle experience. This time, the Japanese giant has introduced a new, exciting, and advanced platform for creating a sense of safety and convenience for the vehicle owners. The app is dubbed “Honda Connect”, and in our opinion, it is one of the best options for enabling better interaction between the vehicle and its owner!

Honda Connect App Fuel Station Locater Screen

Unveiled at Honda’s 20th anniversary in India, Honda Connect is touted as the first-ever in car app system for Indian tech-savvy users. The app comes with a bunch of intuitive features, and allows vehicle owners to monitor several aspects of their car like its health, real time information on impact, trip analysis, maintenance, and much more. It gives accurate information from time-to-time, and works simultaneously with the “Connected Device”, which comes at an introductory price tag of Rs. 2,999 for new customers of the Honda Jazz, Honda CR-V, and, Honda City.

Honda Connect is currently available for Android and Apple devices, and is integrated with 20 ingenious features for creating a sense of safety and convenience for the owner!

Convenience Features:

  • Service Booking- The new “Service Booking” feature allows a user to book his next service as per his own convenience. It’s a hassle free method for easy vehicle maintenance.
  • User-Feedback- The User-feedback option allows owners to give valuable feedbacks on different services and functions of the app.
  • Pit Stops- This feature helps in locating the nearest Honda Dealer and Fuel Station within seconds. It eliminates the trouble of searching deep on Google and third party maps.
  • Create a new Car Enquiry- Users can create a new car enquiry at their preferred dealership. No need to visit in person for enquiry purposes.
  • Car Calendar- The Car Calendar integrated with Honda Connect helps in keeping a track of all important dates for vehicle service, maintenance, insurance renewal, and PUC renewal. It ensures that your vehicle remains as good as new all the time.
  • Service History and Past Invoices- After maintenance and service, you can check service history and past invoices right from the Honda Connect app. It keeps a track of your vehicle expenses with perfection!
  • Consolidated All Car Information- This feature helps in consolidating information about all your cars at one place. You can add or remove a car seamlessly on this app.
  • Fuel Log Book- Being an essential element of Honda Connect App, “Fuel Log Book” maintains a simple and easy-to-understand record of your fuel expenses for easy analysis.
  • What’s New- This option gives you an in-depth walkthrough of new products, deals and campaigns from Honda.
  • Document Wallet- This feature maintains a record of all the documents that are related to your car. From insurance papers to PUC slip, everything remains intact on the Honda Connect App.
  • Call Now- The “Call Now” option helps in seeking customer assistance 24 X 7!

Honda Connect App Dealer Locater Screen

Safety and Security Features:

  • Impact Alert- The Impact Alert feature connects to Honda 121 call centre for providing immediate assistance to customer.
  • Share My Location- This feature shares your real-time location with your loved ones, and for keeping you connected even on-the-go!
  • Locate My Car- This feature pin points the exact location of the car, and helps in finding it easily.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring- All issues related to engine or battery are highlighted with this feature. You can literally track the health of your car by using this feature!
  • Trip Analysis- This feature gives a detailed review of your trip for analysing and improving your driving skills.
  • Manual SOS- In case of an emergency, the “Manual SOS” feature sends your exact location to your emergency contacts. It is activated very easily!

Honda Connected Car

In a nutshell, Honda Connect has simplified vehicle experience, and has given an intuitive way to maintain a sense of safety even when you’re far away from home. Smartphones are perfect on-the-go companions, which means, this app is readily available to assist day-to-day car commuters with perfection. However, it’s just a matter of months and we’ll see other auto majors joining the league with similar tech, maybe at more tempting prices!

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