Bajaj Auto Will Manufacture Husqvarnas From 2017

Bajaj Auto, one of the largest two wheeler manufacturers in India, has been chosen by Husqvarna to manufacture its motorcycles starting from 2017. It is something similar to what Bajaj Auto did years ago, the tie up of KTM and Bajaj. This partnership has proved to be extremely profitable for both the companies. Now, Bajaj has also the responsibility for making bikes for Husqvarna.


KTM is the fastest growing motorcycle brand in India

KTM was clever to join hands with Bajaj and manufacture its bikes here in India for the rest of the world. This allowed the Austrian bike manufacturer to keep the costs of its bikes extremely lucrative and as a result, KTM bikes are selling like hot cakes in Indian market. If we look at the entry level performance motorcycles, KTM is holding a good 25 per cent market share. Also, KTM is the fastest growing motorcycle brand in India.

Now, the deal with Husqvarna is that Bajaj will manufacture its bikes in India but the bikes will not be made available for the Indians. Yes, that is right. Perhaps Husqvarna is following #MakeinIndia policy but not for the people. The company doesn’t want to intervene in the sales of KTM bikes right now. For the time being, Husqvarna will only let Bajaj make two of its motorcycles – the 401 Vitpilen and the 401 Svartpilen, and these will be sold in the European markets only.

Well, we are pleased that bike companies like KTM and Husqvarna are coming to India and manufacturing their bikes here. It will allow us to own these bikes at low prices and also it will increase employment and infrastructure. KTM already has 262 showrooms across the country and it will definitely expand even more. KTM Duke 200, Duke 390 and RC 200, RC 390 are the bikes which are available at present but in future KTM is planning to completely change the line-up of its bikes. We’re eagerly waiting for it just like you and million others bike lovers.

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