Yamaha FZ-1 Discontinued Along-with 4 Others

Yamaha is one of the most reputed motorcycle brands in the world. But the kind of decisions the company has made lately tell us that the Indian market has got a tough competition for everyone irrespective of their origins. Yamaha recently discontinued four of its products (including the FZ-1) in India. Why? Well, I couldn’t see any other reason than low sales and out-dated models.

Yamaha FZ-1

The new MT-09 is the replacement of the FZ-1

The models which the company discontinued in India include Yamaha Ray, Yamaha Crux, Yamaha Fazer V1 and Yamaha FZ-1. While I really don’t care about the other three models but yes, the FZ-1 was a good motorcycle but still Yamaha decided to let it go.

The Ray, a scooter, has already got a better model in the market called the Ray-Z. So, it is understandable to discontinue this. Also, no one was really interested in purchasing an out-dated model. On the other hand, there is the Yamaha Crux. I think it is one of the oldest products of the company in the Indian market but Yamaha did not upgrade it with time. Being a commuter motorcycle it has got neck-to-neck competition from the other modern commuters from different manufacturers (the Splendor, majorly) and Yamaha was left with no other option but letting go of the Crux. Now, Yamaha doesn’t have any other commuter for its customers. Hopefully, it would bring in some new product soon to keep gaining profit to stay alive. Although, I would love to see Yamaha working on performance motorcycles rather than commuters and I am sure this would be the opinion of the rest of the petrolheads!

Yamaha Crux

Yamaha Crux got beaten by new modern commuter bikes

To be honest, I never liked the Fazer. It looked like a result of a forced intercourse between a naked motorbike and an uninterested faired bike. I really like the old Yamaha FZ and the Fazer is just that and with some bad decisions. Yamaha did try to keep the Fazer afloat in the market by providing somewhat facial and cosmetic upgrades time-to-time. The major upgrade which the Fazer received was the inclusion of a Fuel Injector. So now Yamaha decided to discontinue the Fazer V1 (Carb variant). Although, I would have killed them both and start from ground up on a new interesting product. But maybe this is just the start and Yamaha would realize soon that the Fazer is just a heavy load for it to drag along.

Yamaha MT-10

Yamaha’s latest naked monster, the MT-10, could be a bedroom poster for bikers.

Yamaha has launched the new MT-09 in India at INR 10.3 lac (Ex-showroom, Delhi). It is a new bike in its category and it will carry on the legacy of the MT series of motorcycles. Yamaha also has the MT-10 lined up for the Indian market. So it was not surprising to see the FZ-1 getting down the stage. Even though a good motorcycle, the FZ-1 didn’t match the expected sales figures of the company. Powered by a 4-cylinder, liquid cooled engine, the FZ-1 produces around 150 horses and 106 Nm of peak torque. I think the MT-09, which is powered by a 3-cylinder motor and churns out 115 BHP of power, would be a good replacement for the FZ-1. Even though it has less power but it also weighs less than the FZ-1. I agree that the MT-09 is a bit on the costlier side of the price range but it has always been the same case with Yamaha, to price its products high.

Now that some of the pebbles and stones are clear from Yamaha’s path, I am expecting it to be working on some new and exciting (performance) products for bike enthusiasts. And also for daily commuters, I am a kind-hearted man and I don’t want anyone to be left behind, so yes, even new commuters would be welcomed. (No they won’t!).

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