Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2016: Day 2 belonged to Abhishek Mishra

After a spectacular day 1 of the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2016, the day 2 began with much more enthusiasm, dedication, passion and willingness to win. On day 2 the rally began at Bikaner which is located in the heart of Thar Desert. While it was mesmerizing and exciting watching the rally cars flying past by, it won’t be fair to ignore the beauty of the location. It was majestic, with the golden sand dunes, beautiful forts, stunning palaces, traditional havelis and spiritual temples. Altogether it was a day well spent, we must say.

MSIL Desert Storm 2016

Abhishek Mishar continued to lead on Day 2

The leg 2 of the Desert Storm was one of the longest routes covering a total distance of approx. 160 kms, starting from Badrasar. Leg 2 of Extreme category had one competitive stage of approx. 156 Kms of length between Bhadrasar and Dhaia. Among the ever-excited crowd present to motivate the participants at nearly all locations, Abhishek Mishra and his navigator PV Srinivas Murthi continued to lead the category on day 2 by clocking a time of 04:34:32 hrs. Following him with full force was Suresh Rana and his navigator Ashwin Naik in their Grand Vitara with a time of 04:50:18  hrs. Amanpreet Ahluwalia and Virender Kashyap were trying their best to maintain the third position by clocking 05:05:00 hrs in their Maruti Gypsy. Abhishek Mishra was pretty satisfied and happy with his performance and commented on holding his first position on the day 2 that they (his navigator and him) are so pleased to maintain their position on day 2 as well. All the sweat and turmoil has been worth it, but there are miles to go before they even begin to slowly inch towards victory. They are satisfied with the margin between them and the second position. Every day is tricky, with its own unique challenges and they will take them as they come.

In the XTreme bike category, rallyist C.S Santosh continues to lead at 04:14:00 hrs followed by Aravind KP at 04:36:00 hrs.  Aravind has moved a rank higher after beating Jess David by a margin of 2 minutes. In the NDure category, holding the lead is SK Ajgar Ali and his navigator MK Mohammed Musthafa with a day end penalty of 00:01:03 hrs. Jagmeet Gill and Chandan Sen with day end penalty of 00:04:24 hrs has now moved to second position. The third position is taken by Vishnu Singh and Adithya Anthony with a day end penalty of 00:06:02 hrs. In the Xplore category, Sachin Singh with M Prakash continued to hold the first place on day 1, followed by Karthick Maruthi and S.Shankar Anand, while Pratap and his navigator T Nagarajan at the third position.

MSIL Desert Storm 2016

Day 2 started from Bikaner, a location covered by sand dunes and beautiful palaces and forts

It is not hidden that driving in such extreme, yet beautiful locations, tires out the participants. Not does the extremities take a toll on the participants, the vehicles are also beaten down by all the harsh terrain they go through. There is an army of service team who works round the clock to keep the machines up and alive to tackle whatnot. Tomorrow the participants will travel to Jaisalmer and it is expected to get even tougher amidst the shifting sand dunes.

Summary of the day 2 at the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2016 is below-

XTreme Cars  –

  1. Abhishek Mishra & PV Srinivas Murthi – 04:34:32 hrs
  2. Suresh Rana & Ashwin Naik – 04:50:18  hrs
  3. Manpreet Ahluwalia & Virender Kashyap –   05:05:00 hrs

Moto Quad – End of Leg X

  1. C.S Santosh –  04:14:00 hrs
  2. Aravind KP –  04:36:00 hrs
  3. Jess David – 04:38:00 hrs

NDure Cars – End of Leg X

  1. SK Ajgar Ali & MK Mohammed Musthafa –  00:01:03 hrs
  2. Jagmeet Gill & Chandan Sen – 00:04:24 hrs
  3. Vishnu Singh & Adithya Anthony 0:06;02 hrs

Xplore Cars – End of Leg X

  1. Sachin Singh & M Prakash – 00:03:00
  2. Karthick Maruthi & S.Shankar Anand – 00:03:31
  3. Pratap & T Nagarajan – 00:04:11
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