Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon – The enthralling black beauty

The Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon has been distinctively known for its exclusive ‘30-second chronograph’ system that has been endowed on it by its Manufacturer Breitling Calibre B06. The handsome design of the time piece has been very individualistic, and this uniqueness has now been further enhanced by a royal all-black treatment. This watch amalgamates the aesthetic appeal of black and exclusive technical genius.

Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon

Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon

The all black version of the device has been named as the Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon and it is a limited edition model. The Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon will be available for sale as only 500 piece limited edition series.

The Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon’s design highlight is definitely the black treatment. The watch’s premium satin brushed steel case as well as its bezel features a knurl motif that has been inspired by the Bentley radiator grille and have been coated with a high resistance carbon treatment obviously in black. The dial stages have been made to offer a prominent contrast between a glistening background of black mother of pearl, matt counters along with the white and red indications. This unique and sporty design approach can also be seen on the reverse side of the time piece which has a magnificent 360° sculpted swinging weight that is reminiscent of a wheel rim and is made visible through a transparent back case.

Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon

Underneath this stunning exterior design lies the heart of the Manufacture Breitling Calibre B06, which is a high performance self winding chronograph system, chronometer certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. This smart “30 second chronograph” system has been inspired by the Breitling patent that dates back to the 1926. It is renowned for its central hand that performs a full sweep of the entire dial in 30 seconds, and hence ensures the exceptionally accurate 1/8th of second readings. The dial of the watch also comes with a very exclusive feature of the Breitling for Bentley instruments, which is a “variable tachymeter” that is circular slide rule based. The variable tachymeter when used along with the chronograph is utilized to calculate an average speed irrespective of the time elapsed, speed reached or distance covered. This system in the watch makes sure of significantly superior operations as compared to that of the traditional tachymeters that are usually restricted to observations that are based on time readings under 60 seconds.

The Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon under the 500 piece exclusive edition is currently available for sale with a Bentley branded black rubber strap or a rubber and crocodile strap.

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