Top 3 Fastest Superbikes for Biking Freaks

Despite the luxury, comfort and safety of cars, bikes never lost their charm owing to the sheer sense of fun, adventure and freedom they invoke. Avid bikers swear by their bikes which are not just means of transport, but mean machines on two wheels. Speed is another primary factor that is associated with bikes. Surely, superbikes are no match to sports cars, let alone supercars when it comes to challenging the winds, but the superbikes do generally beat their four wheeled counterparts when it comes to fast acceleration.

Dodge Tomahawk

Bikes have exceptional power to weight ratio as compared to cars and this means that bikes can generally accelerate faster than cars, even though they offer lesser top speed. While presently, many premium cars and supercars can accelerate faster than the superbikes as well, the hard-core biking enthusiasts would still probably choose the two wheeler speed monsters over their luxurious four-wheeled counterparts. Then again, while seeding on the roads, the car driver from within the protective cover can never feel the thrill that a biker feels as he/she is totally exposed to the elements.

There are simply many great superbikes that offer incredible acceleration and top speed and their rankings also keep on changing with time. Thus, if you are a bike freak and wish to know the fastest bikes of them all at the current market, then take a look at the top 3 fastest bikes in the world:

  1. Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk concept bike is not only the world’s top speed monster of a bike, but also looks no less than a mechanical monster. This massive superbike looks and feels like it was only meant for the superheroes. It is a concept bike model from the stable of Dodge and its humongous engine, power and speed can definitely scare away any mass market road cars. It is a shame that the Tomahawk is not offered for sale and no matter how big a bike freak, this bike is not to be ridden. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in drooling over the Tomahawk that looks very similar to Batman’s mobike. Moreover, if and when the Tomahawk goes on sale, the owners will be pleased that this mammoth of a bike can stand on its own and don’t need a stand or the riders’ legs to support it. Well, if it was otherwise, then even Batman would surely be daunted.

The Tomahawk offers an estimated top speed of 480 km per hour, gets a 1275cc engine that generates a humongous 500hp and 712Nm.

MTT Streetfighter

  1. MTT Streetfighter

The MTT Streetfighter is the fastest superbike that you can find in the market. This superbike is a variant of the MTT Turbine from the house of Rolls Royce stable. The MTT Streetfighter offers a top speed of a humongous 400 km per hour. It gets powered by a 249cc engine offering 420hp of power and 678Nm of torque.

MTT Turbine Superbike

  1. MTT Turbine Superbike

This original version of the MTT Streetfighter holds the third position in the list with its power and speed. The MTT Turbine superbike packs in an engine that used to power jets. The 249cc engine offers a hammering 320hp and 578 Nm and offers a top speed of 370.3 km per hour.

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