Pooja Dabhi emerges winner at the prestigious Honda All Ladies Race

How often do we hear of a ladies’ motor-racing event particularly a competition that involves bike riding? Honda has emerged with a competition to promote the spirit and skill of lady riders and has launched the Honda All Ladies Race. The recent event that was conducted turned out to be spectacular with Pooja Dabhi winning the Honda All Ladies Race in the first round.

Pooja Dabhi Winner Honda All Ladies Race

The winner Pooja Dabhi completed the race within an overall timing of 08:03:969 minutes and the second-spot was earned by Shruti N and she finished it in 08:04:529 minutes and the third spot is acquired by A Ryehane who finished the race in 08:10:097 minutes. The Honda All Ladies Race was a highly enjoyable event, and it involved the participation of ten women riders who rode the stunning and powerful CBR 150R motorcycle and underwent rigorous training at the established Honda Ten 10 Racing Academy.

The first round of the Honda All Ladies Race called the Honda One Make Race started and ended on a grand note at the National Racing Championship. It was a thrilling competition packed with loads of cheer in Coimbatore city at Kari Motor Speedway. Now fans all over India and spectators are looking forward to witness the race on Sunday where contenders will participate in the CBR 250R Open category and CBR 150R Novice category that will involve 53 riders from different parts of India.

Riding is fun and involves high level of dexterity and energy and Honda has now encouraged women talent through the Honda All Ladies Race event. Now many of us will wonder about how it is to drive bikes under the CBR 150R and CBR 250R categories? It is an excellent platform for aspiring lady riders to utilize every bit of their energy to blossom into expert motor racers. To the ladies who are interested in participating in the Honda All Ladies Race event in the future, take note of the fact that the company has upgraded the racing equipment on CBR 250R bike and it comprises of robust racing body cowl kit with endurance exhaust and wiring harness with revamping option and the CBR 150R also has a redesigned Engine Control Unit.

Pooja Dabhi Winner Honda All Ladies Race

The participants have been trained by skilled riding experts and they have received great level of training from highly acclaimed racing academy’s such as Madras Motor Sports Club and Honda Ten 10 Racing Academy. The ten contenders will participate in the reputed National Championship, which is a fantastic opportunity indeed.

The Vice President of the Customer Service division of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), Mr Prabhu Nagaraj congratulated the women participants Pooja, Shruti and Ryehana for showcasing great amount of skill and finishing the race in a short span of time, because of which the company is keen on conducing the Honda All Ladies Race all through the year and he is positive about witnessing immense talent in the near future.

It is interesting to read about HMSI launching the Honda All Ladies Race event, and it is an awesome opportunity for women bike enthusiasts to showcase their best of biking talent. We do sight women on bikes often on the roads, but the perception of being a good motor-racer is associated with male riders, but the fact is women too enjoy biking and they too have great amount of expertise and it will now be interesting to be able to watch many more Honda All Ladies Race events in the future.

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