Bajaj Avenger releases a beautiful and persuasive campaign on Social Media Day

Bajaj Avenger, the top selling cruiser bike brand in India is observing Social Media Day today (30th June) by releasing a beautiful and compelling video campaign. This video campaign is not only a treat for the eyes with its beautiful scenic background, but is also thought provoking at the same time. Through this video campaign, the brand urges people to connect with themselves on the Social Media Day in a very subtle and pleasing video which involves an Avenger rider and his way of connecting with himself.

Bajaj Avenger Social Media Day

The Bajaj Avenger, which promotes the philosophy of ‘liberation’ has released the video which highlights the fact on how Social Media rules the life of the modern human beings, and how in a bid to remain connected with others at all time, we forget to connect with our own selves. This video campaign thus, observes the Social Media Day – 30th June by showing the downside of the social networking in our lives, while urging people to connect with themselves on this Social Media Day for a change.

Modern life is dominated by several social media platforms ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn to name a few. On top of these, there’s always the spmartphone that people always spend time on speaking or texting. Social media is a way of life now, which brings friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers by removing the boundaries of distance, but this integral part of modern life that helps in staying connected with the world, also has a negative side. People tend to spend a lot of time on social media unnecessarily which kills the precious time they could have meaningfully spend with themselves doing things that are close to their hearts.

The constant connectivity with the world is actually detaching us from ourselves and the things we loved to do before the social media domination. This short video campaign of Bajaj Avenger says a lot in a really engaging, beautiful and graceful way while encouraging people to take the pledge of connecting with yourself this social media day by dumping social media for a day.

The video shows a rider starting a journey early morning on his Bajaj Avenger. As the biker progresses upwards through the hilly roads in his journey, he keeps on checking his dropping mobile network bars and gives a frustrated expression which makes us believe he is trying to make a call and is worried about the dropping mobile signal. He travels throughout the day through beautiful locals and climbs up a certain height and then again checks his mobile network which gets totally lost. As the no-service message flashes on his mobile phone display, the biker flashes a happy smile and has a blissful expression on his face as he drops his smartphone, and we finally get to understand the true meaning of this video.

Bajaj Avenger is promoting connection with one’s own self by encouraging them to free themselves from the digital world’s boundaries and enjoy the real world and the true gifts that it has to offer. This feel-good video thus, showcases ‘Freedom’ which is the Bajaj Avenger brand motto.

You can watch this new thoughtful video campaign of Bajaj Avenger on YouTube by following the link:


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