BharatBenz trucks make it possible to take on India’s deadliest roads

The huge diversity of terrains in India offers some of the most scenic and dauntingly inaccessible places of the world, which offer a paradise for the adventure seeking tourists. However, the lives of those forced to travel some of the most dangerous roads in the world are definitely not a fantasy. This is what is showcased in the Indian edition of Ice Road Truckers – India’s Deadliest Roads, where the life of a truck driver is given to three TV personalities. The Ice Road Truckers of India have to take on some of the roughest and trickiest roads winding the Himalayan region to deliver necessities to those who need them in some extremely remote areas.

IRT Bharat Benz Trucks 

The intimidating road show is conducted depending on the sturdiness and reliability of the MDT 1214 truck from the stable of BharatBenz, which ensure that the essentials can be delivered to those in need despite the immensely tough road conditions of these areas.

The Indian edition of the Ice Road Truckers – India’s Deadliest Roads is brought by BharatBenz in association with HISTORY TV18. The reality show has gone on air from 21st of October, 2016 and will be running till 30th December, 2016. This extreme road challenge has been taken up by three celebrities, namely – Mandira Bedi (actor), Sangram Singh (wrestler) and Varun Sharma (actor). The trio set out to prove that no terrain or road condition is difficult enough to stop a MDT 1214R trucker from delivering essential commodities right at the time of need.

IRT Bharat Benz Trucks

The three TV personalities have been driving around the extremely tough, reliable and capable BharatBenz truck model to be able to drive through treacherous and unforgiving roads through Leh-Ladakh, Pangong Lake and Nubra in order to transport crucial commodities to some extremely remote villages, the inhabitants of which fully depend on trucks for their daily livelihoods. These Himalayan villages also get completely cut off from the rest of the world during harsh winters and stock up essentials well before winter hits. The brave truckers travel through places such as Leh, Zing Zing Bar and Baralacha La, some of which are in altitudes of as high as 18000 feet above sea-level, to deliver crucial good on time.

The brave truckers face challenges of the extremely rocky road conditions, treacherous turns, slippery roads, harsh weather, completely uninhabited regions and low oxygen levels. The truckers sometimes fear for their lives while treading through these extremely difficult roads, while facing health issues like mountain sickness at other times, but remain unbeatable when it comes to overcoming the challenges. Out of the three truckers, Mandira Bedi is showing great strength and courage and is epitomizing women power in this reality. She is carrying out the role of a tough truck driver superbly, which is traditionally regarded as a male-only profession.

All the truckers are however blessed with BharatBenz’s MDT 1214R truck as their companion, which ensures that horrid road conditions or even the most dizzying altitudes can’t prove to be hindrances in the path of these truckers with indomitable spirits.

The BharatBenz MDT 1214R is an extremely capable tough truck that has been designed to deliver optimum performance at all times, and is equipped to take on any road conditions. This new generation truck offers better mileage and enhanced driving comfort. It boasts of the first in segment feature of Multi Drive Mode for superior handling in urban traffic or highway stretches. It also offers features such as Fog Lamps which are essential for better visibility in foggy or cloudy roads and Radial tyres for stable cornering and better traction on tricky terrains. It’s spacious, air conditioned cabin offers comfortable drives and mitigates fatigue without compromising on fuel efficiency. Its powerful 140 hp engine offers hassle free, reliable performance.

All these make this Indian truck highly capable to take on the truly deadliest roads of India and keep the truckers feeling safe and comfortable as much as possible at all times throughout their journey that will include 1500 kilometers in the beautiful and life threatening Himalayan region.

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