Custom Car & Bike From Skni CusTomS At Bangalore

Skni Customs Stall

Skni Customs Stall

We came across a bike & car custom designer called as Skni CusTomS. They placed a stall at Bangalore Auto Expo which held in Bangalore Palace Grounds from January 9th to 11th 2009.  They have showcased a custom Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc and Custom Honda Activa.

They also provided us pictures of their custom built Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc, Honda Activa and Ford Ikon with Scissor Doors.

Ford Ikon Scissor Doors: Akil Anand the owner of the Skni Customs said “i have airbrushed a green true fire job on the bonnet. Anyone interested can contact me at:

991, 1′st cross,
HAL 2′nd stage,
13th main, Indiranagar,
Mobile Number – 9886255314

You can refer Kamal from

Akil Anand has provided more details to us on Making this Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc which is described below.

Details of Yamaha RD-350. Year of make – 1985 HT.

“My brother and me pretty much built the bike together.. Too many stock RD in Bangalore.. Wanted something different.. Got fibre mould of a skeleton used for teaching medicine.. Its unbelievably realistic.. Painted silver and lacquered. The skeleton was fitted with small metal brackets and clamps so it could be bolted onto the bike.. Getting a customized fuel tank with a capacity of about 8 litres.. We took about 3 weeks to do the bike from scratch. Some small work still pending on her.. The RD attracted a hell of a lot of attention at the show.. Our stall was never really empty.. The bike is running some performance modifications as well.. It’s running on 6 petal carbon fibre reed valves, larger jets and K/N filters.”

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton Hologen Lamps

The ford is a 2001 model 1.6 L:

Anil Anand who is the owner of Skni Customs added that “It’s been customized with body skirtings..  And some regular mods.. What sets it apart is the paint job.. Airbrushed green true fire.. As anyone would know.. It’s impossible to do a similar design using stickers.. Which is pretty much the only option most people have in Bangalore.. I airbrush anything.. Bikes.. Cars.. Helmets.. Any surface..

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Night Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Day Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Night Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Door Side View

Ford Ikon Scissors Door Bonnet

Other Projects:

Airbrushed Helmet

Helmet Lightning

Helmet Tooth

Message From BYF: Keep Up The Good Work Akil Anand.

  • Samarjit Sinha

    Sir, I am Samarjit Sinha, basically from Assam, i have completed my diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic and at present doing CAD/CAM course at CIPET Chennai,since my childhood i have been carrying a dream to be an automotive body designer,especially bikes, i have designed many bike body concepts and i want to show you the same,so kindly send me ur email id. I badly need your help because we don’t have that much appreciation in our North-Eastern region for these kind of creativities…i want to serve as a designer, i honestly don’t bother about the money rather than my job satisfaction and i have a skill to create a number of innovative as well as practical designs in a single day, i will be very much grateful to you if you give me some sugestions regarding that, i will be waiting for your feedback..

  • shashank

    hello , i do custom airbrushing in bangalore . u can check out my site .

  • devyani

    i live in bangalore

    • Jobo Kuruvilla

      Hello Devyani,

      Please contact us via the and we can guide you accordingly.

      Please do specify what are your requirements and location in Bangalore.

      Jobo Kuruvilla

  • devyani

    hi i ve a honda activa n i’m bugged of da condition it is in so i was wonderin if sum1 can guide me to person who can really give my bike a make over….

    • Jobo Kuruvilla

      Hello Devyani,

      Could you please confirm you location? IF you are situated in Bangalore, India we might be able to help.

      Jobo Kuruvilla

  • vinod

    hey guys any on a can help me out getting my activa custom painted in bangalore.. help me with any contact or link~!!

  • vinod

    hey i need to custom paint my HONDA activa pls any one can help me out.. contact me or

  • rocky

    all yo bloody numba s r switched off…

    • Jobo Kuruvilla

      We are Guessing they are out of business. If we receive any updates on Skni Customs on their current contacts we shall post up here. If you are looking at any particular mods, do send us an email and we could try and help you or direct you to some concerned people in our contacts.

      Jobo Kuruvilla

      • vinod

        hey i need to custom paint (MATT BLACK with little graphics) to my HONDA activa pls any one can u help me out with the cost and place in bangalore

        • Jobo Kuruvilla


          Thank you for your query. Please contact us via the and we can take it on from here.

          Jobo Kuruvilla

    • Anand

      Check out my website, call me if you are intrested thanks


  • Kiran

    I wanted my activa to be painted with good graphics so plz do sujjest me

  • jeneesh
  • jeneesh
  • Aswin

    guys i am in chennai i hav a 2001 hyundai accent will u be abe to change the way of opening the doors

  • manjunath

    hi Skincustoms ,

    i have a RX 135 cc Bike…i planed to repaint for m bike, with good Graphic paint.

    please suggest good graphic designed paint for my bike…and also let know what’s cost for paint.


  • deepak

    sry but this work isnt impressive at all . honestly there are a lot of other airbrush artists in city with way lot of talent than this . u cant just pick up an airbrush and call urself an airbrush artist .. im sry but ur work looks like u are experimenting with other plps money. if u want to know bout other airbrush artists with some real talent in bangalore mail me and ill send u their links ive personally met all of em and skinnys work is so ameature when compared to theirs. then just compare their work and u guys will know wht im talking about .

    • Kevin

      Dude can you give me some numbers of artists in bangalore. Id like to go check them out. Been looking for someone who can do it in Bangalore but could not get anyone as yet.

    • Kevin

      Dude can you send me some names and numbers of guys who do airbrushing in Bangalore. Have been looking for a good artist :-)

      • Jobo Kuruvilla

        Dear Kevin,

        Is this for your car or your motorcycle ? Please do let us know your requirement and budget and we can suggest some artist to you.
        If you have already finished up, we would love to see the work. Please go ahead and share some images.

        Jobo Kuruvilla
        Managing Editor

    • Sachin

      hey hi deepak.. if u dont mind can u plz send me the links of the airbrush artis’s….
      i needa re-paint ma FZ16 n ma helmet….
      plz suggest me a good artist….


  • sachin bharadwaj

    @skni customs- u guys are freaking insane! ya’ll are like west coast custom!! <3

  • chidu

    can i modify my swift

    • Kamal

      Yes Chidu, sure you can, are you based in bangalore? If yes, please reply with your contact details provided on the contact form. We will get it touch with you

  • Abheesht

    i wanna facelift my alto can any body please help …..

    • Kamal

      Hi Abheesht,

      Let us know what you need details from us.

  • telugu songs free download

    solid designs and awesome work. Ford was look dam roughly with that design. Excellent pics and i loved it. Hope to more interesting pictures hear on.

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  • roonie

    can we chrome a pulsar

  • Kamal

    @ Devavrat – please call Mr. Akil Anand at 9886255314.

  • devavrat

    i own a ford ikon flair and want to convert it to lambo doors . need guidance.what would be the cost of conversion?

  • Angel Eyes

    woah! that’s so cool.. the skeleton’s a bit creepy though but cool! i like the green flames in the hood.. m/

  • Kiran BR

    Hey Nice designs , thanks for the details of Skini Customs design .. I want to get my royal enfield done tiger skin custom desgin , so need help , My number is 98804 35055 Kiran .

  • Eva

    Dude, awesome work. First saw an article on your wok in the DC city supplement. then searched for you on the net. I would so so love to get airbrushed flames on the bonnet of my palio. will get in touch with you guys as soon as I rake up enough moolah for the same. Keep up the insane work man.


  • amar

    how much it cost to make modified the bike this