Custom Car & Bike From Skni CusTomS At Bangalore

Skni Customs Stall

Skni Customs Stall

We came across a bike & car custom designer called as Skni CusTomS. They placed a stall at Bangalore Auto Expo which held in Bangalore Palace Grounds from January 9th to 11th 2009.  They have showcased a custom Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc and Custom Honda Activa.

They also provided us pictures of their custom built Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc, Honda Activa and Ford Ikon with Scissor Doors.

Ford Ikon Scissor Doors: Akil Anand the owner of the Skni Customs said “i have airbrushed a green true fire job on the bonnet. Anyone interested can contact me at:

991, 1’st cross,
HAL 2’nd stage,
13th main, Indiranagar,
Mobile Number – 9886255314

You can refer Kamal from

Akil Anand has provided more details to us on Making this Skeleton Yamaha RD 350cc which is described below.

Details of Yamaha RD-350. Year of make – 1985 HT.

“My brother and me pretty much built the bike together.. Too many stock RD in Bangalore.. Wanted something different.. Got fibre mould of a skeleton used for teaching medicine.. Its unbelievably realistic.. Painted silver and lacquered. The skeleton was fitted with small metal brackets and clamps so it could be bolted onto the bike.. Getting a customized fuel tank with a capacity of about 8 litres.. We took about 3 weeks to do the bike from scratch. Some small work still pending on her.. The RD attracted a hell of a lot of attention at the show.. Our stall was never really empty.. The bike is running some performance modifications as well.. It’s running on 6 petal carbon fibre reed valves, larger jets and K/N filters.”

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton

Yamaha RD 350cc Skeleton Hologen Lamps

The ford is a 2001 model 1.6 L:

Anil Anand who is the owner of Skni Customs added that “It’s been customized with body skirtings..  And some regular mods.. What sets it apart is the paint job.. Airbrushed green true fire.. As anyone would know.. It’s impossible to do a similar design using stickers.. Which is pretty much the only option most people have in Bangalore.. I airbrush anything.. Bikes.. Cars.. Helmets.. Any surface..

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Night Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Day Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Doors Night Shot

Ford Ikon Scissors Door Side View

Ford Ikon Scissors Door Bonnet

Other Projects:

Airbrushed Helmet

Helmet Lightning

Helmet Tooth

Message From BYF: Keep Up The Good Work Akil Anand.

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