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Here, catch the latest happenings in the Auto World, in India and the world around. Be it the snazziest Bikes, Cars, Motor Shows, Motor sports, Racing round-up’s, Reviews and not to mention, news on some classic beauties as well.

To understand the Indian Auto market, is to recognize quality at its best, while exploring her innate potential! We hope to add a few more brain cells to each of you during every visit, sharing our knowledge and know-how.

What happens when you combine the passion for riding, driving, racing and writing?

Kamalahasan TN | Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Kamalahasan, or as we like to call him, Kamal, is a passionate ‘Motorman’. In the older days, riding/ driving fast was a demonstration of adolescent boys and their apparent manhood.. but no more does this hold true, especially since fuel prices have sky-rocketed and we motoring enthusiasts end up plucking hair. Our ‘Motorman’ took the elegant way out. He began writing about his passion.

A hardcore Motoaddict from those boyhood days right up to now, Kamal started his career with Banking and was also involved with a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) professional in Bangalore, India. Kamal rose to public prominence as the Editor-In-Chief of Burnyourfuel.com in Sept 2008. Kamal spearheaded BYF and continues to whizz past the streets with his fellow motoaddicts and writers even today.

“When I am not speeding, I am writing – Period.”

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Kamatchi K | Co-Founder

Kamatchi has shown keen interest on Automobiles after she got married with our Motorman. Kamatchi never misses out on any auto expo. She is passionate & fascinated about the Auto world. Kamatchi is not only a Co-Founder, she is the brainstorm of BurnYourFuel and tutor of these auto-addicts. She loves to let her hair down and rev motorcycles, but not limited to 150cc. Kamatchi’s dream is to own a Harley Davidson Iron 883 and the Ducati line of bikes. The dream has just begun!

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Rishabh Sood | Photographer

I’m a 19 year old technologist, blogger, photographer, designer and writer from New Delhi, India. I’ve been blogging since the age of 15 and love to share my ideas with the world. Apart from Blogging I love to take colour pictures and convey what I see through my images. I love to click Automobiles, events, weddings and portraits. I’ve always looked forward to click eye catching pictures with message to draw the attention of the viewer to my world. I plan to shoot automobiles and take photography as my full time profession in the future. I’ve covered few events, live bands and shows and I wish to expand my passion much more bigger.

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Kiran Kumar Sa | Photographer

I am a freelance photographer from Chennai, India. People call me KiranSa. I have a passion for photography, love traveling, discovering new places and carry a strong interest in Automobiles, Events, Portraits and Short Films. My passion for the art of creating images is almost like a meditation for me and when I travel I carry my best pal with me that’s my camera Canon 550d. It also goes without saying that “I shoot what I like”. You can reach me at kiransaphotography@gmail.com or visit by personal blog http://kiransaphotography.com

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Dhanesh Maindan | Photographer

I am a 20 year old aspiring photographer from Mumbai, pursuing my b.com degree as well. But my first love and passion being photography. I carry my camera everywhere with me, I believe, life gives us several moments worth capturing, I enjoy observing reality from many different angles. I have covered major events from colleges and Indian stage drama, fashion shoots, etc. I also love fancy and luxurious automobiles, so burn you fuel gives me an opportunity to work with both my passions. I intend to grow and develop as a person and a professional and enhance my skill.

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