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Datsun Go+ First Drive Review

What would you call an entry level MPV that incorporates current year features of a luxury car, has practicality built into every sq. cm of the car and has considered all the needs of an Indian consumer? Without much delay, let’s simply call it

BMW M5 Road Test Review

First glance at the F10 M5, and you might not be up for a second look mistaking it to be any other BMWs you see every day on your way to office. The new BMW M5 does not look very different than the 5

2014 Nissan Sunny Diesel First Drive

The Nissan Sunny has been a truly premium and stylish vehicle that has impressed the Indian car market with its class leading interior space. However, as all the global car majors choose to launch a new car and a lot of the able older

2014 Nissan Sunny Petrol First Drive

The Indian auto industry has come a long way and has matured into a market meant for the more stylish, spacious and comfortable cars from the earlier tiny little bare minimum, affordable cars. In such a potential growing car market, all the global auto

BMW X1 Chennai – Pondicherry Drive

The first impression I got of the 2013 BMW X1 was that it is a combination of the dynamic attributes of the new generation BMW sedans with the styling of a crossover. With the most affordable BMW available in India today, However, I would

Datsun Go Drive Review

What is this car all about? After over 20 years in hibernation, Nissan has decided to use the always low priced tag of the Datsun brand to make a bold and exciting entry into the Indian market by offering the Datsun Go at a